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About the Creek

About The Rock Creek Free Press

The Rock Creek Free Press is a new monthly newspaper with a completely novel take on the news. In contrast to established, corporate controlled, "main stream" press outlets, our focus will be on reporting the truth; no corporate spin, no pulling punches, no parroting of administration propaganda.

The Creek is an experiment in Community Supported Publication. We take no corporate advertising. We rely primarily on reader donations, small business advertisers and subscription sales. Your generous donation will help assure that this new experiment in alternative publishing is a success.
      Thank you. - Matt Sullivan, editor/publisher

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The Rock Creek Free Press
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Bethesda, MD 20814

Ph: (301)452-0090

An Interview With the Publisher (January 2007)

Publisher Matt Sullivan Rock Creek Free Press is a new and fiercely independent newspaper in Washington, DC. The editor, Matthew Sullivan, boasts of having no knowledge whatever of the newspaper business. "I am blessed with an absolute unbounded ignorance of what it takes to publish a newspaper", he says, "and I consider that my greatest asset. People say I must be crazy to publish a new newspaper given that all the existing papers are in decline and losing readers every day. They may be right, but I think the reason newspapers are in decline is because the readers know they are being lied to. We're being taken for suckers and we don't like it. I think there is great potential for a newspaper that is not afraid to print the truth." concluded Mr. Sullivan.

In spite of the rocky market for newspapers Rock Creek Free Press plans to launch this winter. The inaugural issue will be timed to coincide with a planned peace march on Washington on January 27, 2007.

Look for the baby blue vending machines around major DC Metro Stations. We currently have over 60 machines at the Metro stations and other popular locations around the city.

The First Issue, January 27, 2007

The Creek Newspaper

The inaugural issue of "the Creek" is ready just in time for the big march on Washington next weekend (Jan 27). The Creek was there handing out thousands of copies of the paper to peace activists from around the country.

In this first issue you will find articles from some of the most significant writers in the peace and 911truth movements. Wayne Madsen and Webster G. Tarpley write about 9/11. Cynthia McKinney gives us her argument for impeachment. Louis Wolf, former editor of Covert Action Quarterly, addresses the looming conflict with Iran while Khalid Rosenbaum writes about the dawning of a new superstate in the mid-east.

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