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NYTimes Complicit in FBI Anthrax Coverup


Back in 2001, just months after the anthrax attacks that killed five people, several articles came out in mainstream newspapers that pointed clearly to the CIA and Army as the most likely sources of the weaponized anthrax. Articles in The Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, Washington Post and New York Times laid out the facts that incriminated Battelle Memorial Labs in West Jefferson, Ohio, and the Army's lab at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah as the only logical sources for the anthrax. These facts, as reported in 2001, include:

1. For over a decade, Army scientists at Dugway have been making weapons-grade anthrax that is "virtually identical" to the anthrax used in the attacks.

2. The anthrax used in the 2001 attacks was extremely concentrated, with a trillion spores per gram. The Dugway anthrax had a similar concentration.

3. The FBI was increasingly focused on US government bioweapons research programs as the source of the deadly anthrax.

4. Both the lab in Utah and the lab in Ohio received anthrax samples from the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, although USAMRIID deals only with wet anthrax and ships it wet.

5. The investigation was focused on the Dugway anthrax, and Dugway was described as the only facility that was known to be weaponizing anthrax.

6. One FBI official said that the CIA's anthrax was "the best lead we have at this point."

7. Army officials said that Fort Detrick did not have the equipment for weaponizing anthrax.

The FBI has never explained what became of this initial focus on the labs in Utah and Ohio. Instead, after the death of Fort Detrick anthrax researcher Bruce Ivins in July, 2008, the FBI attempted to make the case that Ivins was the murderer and all other suspects had been cleared of suspicion.

Full Story

Sheila Casey is a DC-based journalist. Her work has appeared in The Denver Post, Reuters, Chicago Sun-Times, Dissident Voice, Common Dreams and the Rock Creek Free Press. She blogs at

Wall Street Bailout Exceeds Cost of All US Wars Combined

And you can throw in the New Deal, Marshall Plan and Moon Shots as well

Pie Chart

Casey Research, of Vermont, has analyzed the costs of the government bailouts of the housing crisis, the credit crisis and others and has concluded that the total is $8.5 trillion, which is more than the cost of all US wars, the Louisiana Purchase, the New Deal, the Marshall Plan and the NASA Space Program combined.

According to CRS, the Congressional Research Service, all major US wars (including such events as the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the invasion of Panama, the Kosovo War and numerous other small conflicts), cost a total of $7.5 trillion in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars.

Top Scientists Ask Journal Science To Retract Original AIDS Papers


Thirty-seven doctors, senior researchers and attorneys have asked the journal Science to retract four articles published in 1984 that supposedly established that HIV was the cause of AIDS. The articles, by a group led by Dr. Robert Gallo, have drawn criticism for some time. An investigation in the early 90s by the US Department of Health and Human Services concluded that the lead paper was “fraught with false and erroneous statements.” A Congressional Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations produced a staff report onthe papers which contains scathing criticisms of their integrity.

Now, new analysis of the documentation behind the papers has revealed even more reason to doubt Gallo’s findings. The letter refers to “recent revelation of an astonishing number of previously unreported deletions and unjustified alterations made by Gallo…”

Dr. Mikulas Popovic wrote the manuscripts while Gallo was in Europe, but Gallo made handwritten changes to the manuscripts upon his return. Popovic wrote: “Despite intensive research efforts, the causative agent of AIDS has not yet been identified.” This sentence was deleted and replaced by a statement that the findings suggest that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Gallo submitted micrographs to Science that were identified as containing the HIV virus. But just four days before he submitted them, Dr. Matthew A. Gonda, then head of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute, wrote a letter to Gallo and Popovic stating that he “does not believe” that the micrographs contain images of HIV. The micrographs were published in Science on May 4, 1984 and identified as containing HIV.

These developments add to the mounting body of evidence that the original conclusion that HIV causes AIDS is deeply flawed.

Thus far there has been no response from Science regarding the request for retraction.

Sutliff Cartoon OATH

A Call for a Re-evaluation of the AIDS Dogma

Syphilis Spirochete By Matt Sullivan / RCFP

A paper about to be published in a scientific journal raises the intriguing possibility that many AIDS cases are in fact misdiagnosed cases of syphilis. The paper was authored by an International group of scientists led by National Academy of Sciences member Lynn Margulis, of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Wolfgang E. Krumbein, professor of Geo-microbiology in Oldenburg, Germany.

The paper, titled Spirochete round bodies. Syphilis, Lyme disease & AIDS: Resurgence of "the great imitator," will be published in SYMBIOSIS V47, No.1, 2009.

John Scythes, one of the researchers on the paper, reports that he has not found a single case of an immune suppressed patient (regardless of HIV status) who has died of complications of syphilis since the discovery of AIDS in the early 80s. The implications of this are staggering. It is simply not possible that syphilis stopped being fatal just as the new disease of AIDS came on the scene.

The researchers speculate that, because of its immune suppression effect and its ability to imitate other diseases, syphilis is being missed or misdiagnosed as AIDS. Now that improved tests for syphilis infection are available, the researchers urge a large scale investigation into the extent that this is happening.

Full Story

Sutliff Cartoon CHANGE

Everything You Know About AIDS is Wrong

AIDS blindfold By Sheila Casey / RCFP

On April 23, 1984, Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler and researcher Robert Gallo from the National Cancer Institute held a press conference and announced that Gallo had found the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the retrovirus HIV. Heckler estimated that a vaccine would be available in just two years. That same day in 1984, Gallo patented the blood test to detect the HIV antibodies.

As a retrovirus researcher, Gallo had previously tried to pin the blame for Alzheimer’s, leukemia and neurological disorders on a retrovirus, all without success. Now AIDS was in his sights.

But Gallo had skipped an important step in the scientific process: his HIV research had never been subjected to peer review, and was not published until after the press conference with Heckler had already conferred legitimacy on it.

Billions of dollars poured into research programs and millions of people lined up to have their blood checked; by 2006, 72 million Americans had been tested, with a third of that number tested every year. As its creator, Gallo received a percentage of the cost of each test.

To receive a positive HIV test result was considered a death sentence: you would get AIDS and die a miserable death, sooner or later.

As the years passed, it became apparent that this was not true. Only five percent of the people who tested HIV positive went on to develop AIDS. A vaccine has never been found. And there is now a growing group of scientists who dispute that HIV causes AIDS.

Peter Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Duesberg earned renown as one of the scientists to discover a cancer gene in 1970, and earned tenure at UC Berkeley at the age of 36. At 49 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and in 1986 he received a prestigious grant from the National Institutes of Health.

He was on the fast-track to receive the Nobel until he published an article in 1987 in Cancer Research challenging the consensus that HIV is the cause of AIDS. After that his funding dried up and he was dismissed as a misguided contrarian by those with careers and billions in funding riding on the view that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Full Story

Sheila Casey is a DC-based journalist. Her work has appeared in The Denver Post, Reuters, Chicago Sun-Times, Dissident Voice, Common Dreams and the Rock Creek Free Press. She blogs at

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Who Owns "the Fed"?

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Avoid the Flu Shot

"Of Course bin Laden is Dead"

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Bin Laden photos

"Of Course bin Laden is Dead"

former CIA agent Robert "Syriana" Baer tells Terry Gross

An important news item that fl ew under the radar for the most part last month was the assertion from former CIA operative turned whistle-blower Robert Baer that Osama bin Laden is long dead.
The respected intelligence & foreign policy expert told Terry Gross, host of National Public Radio show Fresh Air, “Of course he is dead. Where are the DVDs? Bin Laden wouldn’t dye his hair, all these things can be manipulated.”
Baer, who has previously publicly questioned the offi cial story of the 9/11 attacks, continued, “He hasn’t shown up. I’ve taken in the last month a poll of CIA offi cers who have been on his trail, and what astounded me was not a single one was sure he was alive or dead. They have no idea, I mean this man disappeared off the side of the earth.”
Baer, who’s previous book See No Evil was the basis for the fi lm “Syriana”, asked “When in history has a country fought another country or another entity when the leader may be dead?” and warned that the so called war on terror could be an eternal war if the goal continues to be to capture Bin Laden.
Baer also warned that the war is shifting into Pakistan, a dangerous precedent that could see the vaguely defi ned confl ict move anywhere.

Full Story at INFOWARS.NET

9/11 Justice Cartoon

A Guilty Agent:
The Shadowy Role of Timothy McVeigh

McVeigh Faces
On the left, McVeigh in Waco in 1993. On the right, an alleged McVeigh from recently surfaced video at Camp Grafton, North Dakota fi lmed in August 1993-- well after McVeigh was honorably discharged from service in May 1992. Was McVeigh being secretly trained, as he told his sister, to be a paid government assassin? -

By Wendy S. Painting
What may seem like conspiracy theories surrounding the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, have been given more credibility do to newly released internal defense memos for Timothy James McVeigh, who was convicted and executed for his role as "Mastermind" and "Lone Wolf Bomber." McVeigh, who was said to have orchestrated the bombing with minimal help from two Army buddies, may not have been what he seemed.

A source out of Austin, Texas memorialized in the documents gives weight to previous evidence and supports the existence of a real life conspiracy theory. The source, who because of privacy concerns, will be referred to simply as "D." D was known to have had heavy ties to U.S intelligence agencies as well as groups targeted for Federal investigation and infiltration, such as White Supremacists, Neo- Nazis and Militia members. On March 9, 1996, D gave a statement to McVeigh's defense team, laying out several shocking details which have now, thirteen years later, been corroborated by other sources.
Full Story

Milking 9/11 cartoon

Where Was NORAD on 9/11?

NORAD Sheild Dean M. Jackson - Washington, DC

Testifying before the 9/11 Commission General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the commission in response to a question on NORAD's failure to anticipate the 9/11 attacks, "I can't answer the hypothetical. It's more - it's the way that we were directed to posture, looking outward." As we will see below NORAD, since its inception in 1958, was tasked with more than merely "looking outward".

I found General Myers' testimony on the capabilities of NORAD on 9/11 to be surprising, since it was long assumed that NORAD's mission was more than "looking outward". However, the 9/11 Truth Movement has been negligent in producing any documents that would confirm their suspicion that NORAD was tasked with watching over and intercepting errant aircraft in American skies before 9/11; that NORAD's mission was more robust than "looking outward". The following pre-9/11 citations conclusively documents the true capabilities of NORAD on the morning of 9/11.
"The NORAD mission is threefold. NORAD's first responsibility is to provide surveillance and control of the airspace covering North America, specifically the airspace of Canada and the United States. This mission is based on agreements between the two governments….

Full Story

FBI Sweeps Anthrax Under the Rug

Weaponized Anthrax Came from CIA/Battelle Program

Anthrax letters

By Sheila Casey and Barry Kissin / RCFP
US Attorney Jeff Taylor was sweating on August 6, as he laid out his case against the late Dr. Bruce Ivins at a news conference-and with good reason. Anyone familiar with the case is well aware that Dr. Ivins was railroaded, and that the news conference was a flimsy web of lies.

Ivins had nothing to do with the 2001 anthrax attacks. The attacks were almost certainly carried out by the only group that had the means to produce the highly weaponized anthrax in the letters: the CIA, its contractor Battelle Memorial Institute of West Jefferson, Ohio., and the Army at Dugway in Utah.

The DOJ-FBI frame-up of Ivins rests heavily upon the claim of new advances in genetic testing which supposedly prove that the killer anthrax could have come only from Ivins' flask.

Jeff Taylor stated:
The FBI sought out the best experts in the scientific community and, over time, four highly sensitive and specific tests were developed that were capable of detecting the unique qualities of the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks.
This is an outright lie. No special tests were required to assess the genetic heritage of the Ames strain in the envelopes. The Washington Post reported on December 16, 2001 that "only five laboratories so far have been found to have spores with perfect genetic matches to those in the Senate letters."

The distinguishing feature of the anthrax that killed five people in 2001 is not related to its genes. What made that anthrax unique was that it was highly weaponized. Anthrax is a common pathogen found in the soil in many places. It doesn't become lethal unless produced in such a way that it behaves like a gas, floating easily in the air and deep into a victim's lungs.

Full Story
The story is also available in the PDF version of the September edition here.

OKC Bomb Survivor Remembers

Murrah Bld. after OKC Bomb
Murrah Building, OKC, after the blast.

Oklahoma City — June 17, 2008 Amidst all the dirty details of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, one can get lost. Recently I set out to uncover aspects of this story which have not been publicized or accounted for. The story of the cover-up cannot be separated from the effects which the bombing caused, the very real trauma of the survivors, to the families and to the country.

Ruth Schwab Like so many others, Ruth Schwab was not only a victim but an eyewitness. She was gracious enough to talk with me recently. Her story, like so many others that day, is not detached from the maze of other details.

About a week before the bombing, Ruth was pulling up to work at the Murrah building. As she was going into the garage she saw three men standing around talking. The men were dressed in work clothes, but she did not recognize any of them. Ruth knew many of the people that worked there. The men were holding what seemed to be a large sheet of paper. At the time, Ruth thought that they were holding floor plans. “You just don’t assume that these men are there because they are planning to bomb your building,” she said “but later, when I saw the news I remembered that morning…I can still see them standing there”

The Murrah building had always been on a list of targets. They had several bomb threats in the past. Usually, Ruth remembers, they didn’t hear about them until much later, on the evening news. She remembers she had said to someone once, that if there was ever a real threat, they wouldn’t know about it until much later. A week later, on April 19, 1995 Ruth was heading to work again. This time her boss was out of town and had offered her parking spot to Ruth. The spot was on the middle floor of the parking garage. Although Ruth was pulling up as several Ryder trucks were seen outside the Murrah that morning, she did not notice any. She parked her car and went in the building.

Full Story

Waterboarding by US Military Has Been in the News Before

LIFE Magazine cover from 1902 depicting US Army waterboarding of a
Cuban insurgent during the Spanish - Cuban - American war, 1898-1902.
LIFE Mag cover depicting US Army waterboarding Cuban
Caption: {Chorus in Background} THOSE PIOUS YANKEES
Bucket is marked: U.S.ARMY

CIA, US Military Learned Torture from China?

Last month the New York Times published an article by Scott Shane, “China Inspired Interrogations at Guantanamo”, that revealed that military trainers at Guantanamo Bay in 2002 used a chart of interrogation techniques that had been copied verbatim from a 1957 Air Force study of Chinese Communist techniques used during the Korean War to obtain confessions, many of them false, from American prisoners. The implication being that the US military and the CIA have so little experience with torture that they had to rely on these outdated sources for their how-to manual.

Shane’s article in the Times is a classic example of the common intelligence agency practice of “limited hangout”. Intelligence agencies, when caught in a lie, when the cover is blown, will expose some part of the operation in order to distract the public from the larger underlying operation. In this case, by exposing the captured Chinese documents, the CIA and MI is attempting to keep a lid on the larger underlying truth that the US has long studied and practiced torture and has a vast and well funded ongoing research operation dedicated to developing torture methods and techniques.

The CIA torture, interrogation and mind control infrastructure has a long and storied history. After WWII the OSS, precursor to the CIA, recruited Nazi researchers and their programs to come to the US under operation PAPERCLIP and other programs. These torture and mind control research efforts were greatly expanded during the Cold War and were practiced in horrific real-world conflicts during the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 70s and were again employed in Central America in the 1980s.

There is no question that the CIA and US military have extensive theoretical research and practical experience and the suggestion that the US had to resort to the use of 1947 Chinese torture posters for instruction is ridiculous and insulting.

Sutliff cartoon: Bush Getting Smart?

Navy Releases McCain's Records

USS Forrestal, July 29, 1967 - The worst accident aboard a US Navy surface vessel since WWII


The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS Forestal in 1967. McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy. That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded trumps McCain’s record as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

WMR has learned additional details regarding the deadly fire aboard the Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, on July 19, 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The additional details point to then-Lt. Commander John McCain playing more of a role in triggering the fire and explosions than previously reported. Full Story

40 Years Since RFK Assassination, Mounting Evidence of CIA Involvement


Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated 40 years ago this month at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Sirhan B. Sirhan, a 24 year old immigrant, is the alleged lone gunman and is presently serving a life sentence.

In a new book, An Open and Shut Case, Dr. Robert Joling and Philip Van Praag have joined a growing list of people who don’t believe that Sirhan acted alone.

Joling and Van Praag, both forensic scientists, claim that after analyzing audio recordings of the assassination they have concluded that at least 13 shots were fired. The handgun Sirhan used only had the capacity to fire eight shots. They believe that there were two guns and that the fatal shot came from behind Robert Kennedy, while witnesses claim that Sirhan was in front of Kennedy. According to a March 27, 2008 ABC report by Pierre Thomas, Joling claims, “It can be established conclusively that Sirhan did not shoot Senator Kennedy. And in fact not only did he not do it, he could not have done it.” Full Story

Spanish Judge Calls for Bush to be Tried for War Crimes

Judge Baltasar Garzón, sometimes callled “Super Judge”
sits on Spains second highest criminal court.


Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish judge who sought to prosecute Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, has called for US President George W. Bush and his allies to be tried for war crimes over Iraq.

Writing in El Pais on the fourth anniversary of the invasion, Garzón stated, “Today, March 20, marks four years since the formal start of the war on Iraq. Instigated by the United States and Great Britain, and supported by Spain among other countries, one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history began.

“Breaking every international law, and under the pretext of the war against terror, there has taken place since 2003 a devastating attack on the rule of law and against the very essence of the international community. In its path, institutions such as the United Nations were left in tatters, from which it has not yet recovered.” “Instead of commemorating the war,” Garzón continues, “we should be horrified, screaming and demonstrating against the present massacre created as a consequence of that war.”

He then writes that George W. Bush and his allies should eventually face war crimes charges for their actions in Iraq: “We should look more deeply into the possible criminal responsibility of the people who are, orwere, responsible for this war and see whether there is sufficient evidence to make them answer for it.” Full Story

Aspartame: Sweet but Dangerous


Aspartame is one of the most controversial food additives in history. Aspartame, a combination of two amino acids phenylalanine and aspartic acid, is sold commercially under names like Nutrasweet, Equal and Candereal, and can be found in more than 5,000 foods, including sodas, chewing gum, tabletop sweeteners, diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, jams, sweets, vitamins, prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Approximately 2/3 of the adult population and 1/3 of children regularly ingest this artificial sweetener. Aspartame was approved as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981, but the debate about its safety continues.

Aspartame chemistry Aspartame was discovered by a chemist working at the pharmaceutical manufacturer GD Searle in December 1965. Searle began safety tests for FDA approval in 1967. The first study conducted by Dr. Harry Waisman, director of the University of Wisconsin’s Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Memorial Laboratory of Mental Retardation Research and a respected expert in the toxicity of phenylalanine, studied the effects of aspartame on primates. Of seven monkeys fed aspartame mixed with milk, one died and five others had grand mal epileptic seizures. Dr. John Olney, professor of neuropathology and psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine informed Searle in 1971 that his studies show that aspartic acid, one of the main components of aspartame causes holes in the brains of infant mice. This is confirmed by one of Searle’s own researchers, Ann Reynolds.

In spite of negative results, in 1973 Searle applied for FDA approval and submitted studies claiming aspartame to be safe, with no mention of the dead monkeys or the holes in the brains of the mice. Full Story

CIA Agent Gunned Down by Houston Police


The shooting death by Houston police on April 29 of retired CIA agent and CIA contractor Roland V. Carnaby is being called an “assassination” by many intelligence professionals who knew him and his past work for the CIA.

Carnaby was shot to death by Houston police in the middle of the morning near the Galleria, Carnaby’s office, and the home of former President George and First Lady Barbara Bush. There is evidence that Israeli intelligence agents inside the Houston Police Department issued the order to shoot Carnaby.

Attention is being focused on the statement made to the press by Houston Police Department Homicide Captain Steve Jett who said that the Houston police officers who stopped Carnaby were told to “find something” on which to hold Carnaby. Investigators want to know who issued that order and why. Foreign intelligence elements who wanted Carnaby silenced may have infiltrated the Houston Police Department at a high level and issued the order to “hold” Carnaby on any charge. Full Story

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC based investigative journalist. and author. His website is:

Joe Sutliff cartoon

Media Echo White House 9/11 Talking Points


When BuzzFlash editor and publisher Mark Karlin dipped his toe into 9/11 waters, he got an earful from his readers. In a May 12 blog post, Karlin states unequivocally that “9/11 was not an inside job,” (although he does concede an 80% probability that Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania).

Judging from the comments at 089, his audience was not impressed. Reader after reader tries to set Karlin straight by presenting pieces from the overwhelming mountain of evidence indicating that we were sold a bill of goods about 9/11. So far Karlin has been silent. If he’s reading the reactions to his post, he gives no sign of it.

Buzzflash is a liberal news site that accepts no advertising and prides itself on being an unadulterated alternative to the whorish mainstream media. It pulls no punches in exposing the mind-boggling awfulness of the current administration— with one major exception. Like almost every other liberal outlet, it gives the Bush administration a free pass on 9/11. Full Story

Sheila Casey is a DC area journalist. Her opinion pieces have appeared in The Denver Post, Common Dreams, and BuzzFlash. She blogs at

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Rice Directed Torture from White House


In December 2005, Condoleezza Rice testified to Congress “The United States does not permit, tolerate or condone torture under any circumstances.”

But ABC News has now revealed that during 2002 and 2003, Rice led dozens of meetings to discuss specific torture techniques with the National Security Council Principals Committee in the White House Situation Room. The committee included Vice President Dick Cheney and former Bush aides Attorney General John Ashcroft, CIA Director George Tenet, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell. They approved using the “enhanced interrogation techniques” of sleep deprivation, waterboarding, sexual assault, pushing and slapping.

Full Story

Jesse Ventura Comes Out for 9/11Truth

Jesse Ventura


Former Governor Jesse Ventura broke through the media blockade recently, exposing major inconsistencies of the official 9/11 story and holding his own against some of mainstream media’s most disingenuous hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Opie & Anthony from XM Satellite radio.

Ventura’s notoriety as a fiercely independent upstart may have kept Hannity, for one, from playing his usual dirty tricks.

As former Minnesota Governor, Ventura may be the highest level official in the United States to take 9/11 truth questions seriously, yet his enduring popularity and success as a celebrity, wrestler, Hollywood star, Navy SEAL and even Harvard professor make him more difficult to diffuse and ignore than celebrities who have previously come forward or Congressmen who have flirted with raising questions.

The Associated Press ran a story about Ventura’s 9/11 comments following an appearance on the Alex Jones Show that has now exploded into a frenzy of coverage as he makes the rounds to promote his book Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, a title that may prove to be more than just rhetoric.
Full Story

Ants Cartoon

FBI Refuses to Turn Over Documentation
Used to Identify 9/11 Planes

By Matt Sullivan
The FBI claims that federal investigators made no attempt to identify plane wreckage pursuant to the investigation of 9/11. Researcher Aidan Monaghan submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FBI seeking documents “revealing the process by which wreckage recovered by defendant, from aircraft used during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was positively identified by defendant . . . as belonging to said aircraft”

In response, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick A. Rose, representing the FBI, states;. “The identities of the airplanes hijacked in the September 11 attacks was never in question, and, therefore, there were no records generated” pursuant to the identification of the aircraft.

In other words, in the case of the greatest crime in US history, involving the greatest loss of civilian life ever, with nearly 3000 dead, the FBI claims that it made no attempt to formally identify the remains of the murder weapons. This would certainly seem to be a monumental oversight and incompetent blunder if it was true, but the publicly available information suggests that counsel’s statements are false on at least two counts.

First, the identities of the aircraft certainly were in question on 9/11. There was widespread confusion at the FAA and NORAD on the morning of 9/11, caused in part, by the numerous exercises, some involving simulated hijackings, which were also taking place that morning. The aircraft that crashed had different transponder codes from the passenger aircraft and transcripts of flight controller communications indicate a significant level of confusion as to the identity of the flights.

The plane which crashed at the Pentagon is particularly suspect since the FAA made no radar contact with the aircraft on its return flight over West Virginia and did not establish radar contact again until the plane reached Washington, DC, now with a different transponder code.

Secondly, there is ample evidence that serial numbered aircraft parts were in fact collected and identified by the FBI with the assistance of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). For example Carol Carmody, Vice-Chairman of NTSB said in published remarks from February 2002; “I ... assured FBI Director Mueller that we would assist in any way we could ... he called and said, ‘Could you send us some people to help find the black boxes and help identify aircraft parts.’”

The fact that the NTSB did comply with director Mueller’s request was corroborated by her boss NTSB Chairman Marion C. Blakey who testified to the 9/11 Commission that “Over 60 Safety Board employees worked around the clock in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and at our headquarters in Washington, DC, assisting with aircraft parts identification”

These statements by NTSB officials make it abundantly clear that the FBI did collect and identify serial numbered parts and should have the data necessary to positively identify the aircraft that crashed on 9/11.

Why do they refuse to release the data?

Additional Information - 9/

... Doomed to Repeat It...

Sutliff Cartoon, Precedent

Toxic Mercury in Fish

Mercury in Sushi

by Elaine Sullivan

The New York Times published an article on January 23, 2008 stating that high levels of mercury are found in tuna sushi. Laboratory tests performed on tuna from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants found so much mercury in tuna sushi that a regular diet of six pieces a week would exceed the levels considered acceptable by the EPA (49 micrograms of mercury a week). Analyzed by Dr. Michael Gochfeld, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, NJ and Dr. Joanna Burger, Professor of Life Sciences at Rutgers University, the tuna from some of these establishments had mercury levels so high that the FDA could take action to remove the fish from the market.

Mercury in fish is not a new phenomenon. In March 2004 the FDA and EPA teamed up to issue a warning to the public about mercury in fish. The joint advisory stated that although fish and shellfish are important parts of a healthy diet and are good sources of protein and other nutrients, some of us should monitor how much we eat. The FDA and EPA warning states: “…depending on the amount and type of fish you consume it may be prudent to modify your diet if you are: planning to become pregnant; nursing; or a young child.” Full Story

Sutliff Cartoon, War at Rest

Willy Nelson: 9/11 Truther

Willie Nelson

by Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet

Straight talking American icon Willie Nelson told a national radio show that he thought the Twin Towers were imploded like condemned Las Vegas casino buildings, as the country music superstar voiced his doubts about the official 9/11 story.

Agreeing with host Alex Jones that he questioned the official story, Nelson elaborated, “I saw those towers fall and I’ve seen an implosion in Las Vegas - there’s too much similarities between the two, and I saw a building fall that didn’t get hit by nothing,” added Nelson, referring to WTC Building 7 which collapsed in the late afternoon of September 11.

“How naive are we - what do they think we’ll go for?,” asked Nelson, pointing out that his doubts began on the very day of 9/11.

“I saw one fall and it was just so symmetrical, I said wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas and you see these implosions all the time and the next one fell and I said hell there’s another one - and they’re trying to tell me that an airplane did it and I can’t go along with that,” said Nelson.

From the Gulf of Tonkin to the Straits of Hormuz

Strait of Tonkin

To anyone old enough to remember the Vietnam War, the similarities between the recent Iranian speedboat encounter and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident are hard to miss. The Navy claimed, in August 1964, that the destroyer Maddox had come under attack by small North Vietnamese gunboats. This “confrontation” was seized upon by war hawks in the Johnson administration and used as the justification for “The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”, a dramatic escalation of hostilities in southeast Asia. There’s only one problem with the Tonkin incident­—it never happened. Full Story

Historic Debate of 9/11 in Japanese Diet

On January 11, extraordinary testimony from Japan's upper house of legislature (Diet) w as transmitted into Japanese homes and offices nationwide. For over 20 minutes, Yukihisa Fujita, an opposition party leader of the upper house and member of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, challenged the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers to justify Japan's continued participation in the US global war on terror. He questioned the ministers as to what proof, if any, the US has offered as to the facts of 9/11.

Fujita challenged the very premise of the "Global War on Terrorism" saying that, since the Afghani people are the greatest victims of the fight against terror, Japan should be supplying drinking water for the people of Afghanistan rather than oil for US warships. Mr. Fujita then proceeded to put before the ministers, and the people of Japan, a series of unanswered questions and troubling facts which contradict the official 9/11 narrative. His presentation would be familiar to anyone versed in the litany of the 9/11 truth movement: buildings exploding, the lack of air defense, firefighter testimonies, the removal of the physical evidence, and official silence on the strange case of WTC building 7.

The debate was precipitated by the request from George Bush that Japan resume its participation in support of the gulf wars. Japan had been providing naval refueling services in the Indian Ocean in support of the US war effort, but that operation was halted when the upper house voted it down based on the concern that such operations were in violation of the Japanese Constitution which forbids offensive military activities.

Prime Minister Fukuda, was forced to resort to extraordinary parliamentary procedures in order to restart the naval operations. Fukuda managed to pass the war funding bill only after he secured the 2/3 majority in the lower chamber needed to over-ride the block. This procedure is so extraordinary that it has not been used in over 40 years and it puts Fukuda at risk of a no-confidence vote.

Complete coverage of the historic testimony in the House of Councilors in the Japanese Diet inside in the February 2008 issue. Full Story

Is Waterboarding Torture?

Guiliani Cartoon

Are the Bin Laden Tapes Fake?

Kristina Borjesson, BuzzFlash

Late in December 2007, The Associated Press reporter Salah Nasrawi wrote a story about a bin Laden audiotape that had just been released. Headlined "bin Laden Threatens Israel, Warns Iraqis," Nasrawi's piece details Osama's dire threats to expand al Qaeda's jihad in Israel and to "liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea," threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

Then, 11 paragraphs down, Nasrawi writes: "The authenticity of the tape could not be independently confirmed. But the voice resembled that of bin Laden. The tape was posted on an Islamic militant web site where al-Qaeda's media arm, Al-Sahab, issues the group's messages."

If the tape can't be vetted, it shouldn't be used. That's Journalism 101. At the very least, the fact that it can't be authenticated should be mentioned in the story's title and continuously mentioned throughout the story as the quotes are being used. Worse, all the mainstream TV outlets picked up on Nasrawi's story and liberally quoted "bin Laden" without bothering to use the word "purported" or another adjective indicating they had no proof it was bin Laden on the tape. Collectively, what these journalists are doing is worse than outright lying to the public. They are literally helping dangerous people with deadly hidden agendas create a virtual reality by unquestioningly conveying their messages.

Nasrawi didn't just bury the authentication problem in his story. He also referred to earlier, equally questionable "bin Laden" communiqués. "The tape was the fifth message released by bin Laden this year, a flurry of activity after he went more than a year without issuing any tapes. The messages began with a Sept. 8 video that showed bin Laden for the first time in nearly three years. The other messages this year have been audiotapes."

Reporting on unauthenticated bin Laden tapes as if they were real is, shamefully, getting to be an old practice. In November 2002, a "bin Laden" audiotape surfaced and a senior State Department official explained to CNN that the voice on the tape was indeed bin Laden's, but that "we don't know yet whether anybody put it together, spliced or computer-generated it."

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Torture Waffle

Last month, The New Yorker reported that Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said that "waterboarding would be torture" if used against him. Within a week McConnell appeared to back away from his stance when asked about that comment. "The United States does not engage in torture. We do use enhanced interrogation techniques. ... It has saved lives. And so from my point of view, we've accomplished the mission within the bounds of U.S. law," he said.

The Rock Creek Free Press One Year Anniversary

Rock Creek Free Press V.2 No.1
This edition mark's the one year anniversary of The Creek.

We distributed our first issue on January 23, 2007 at the great anti-war rally on the Mall in Washington. We distributed about 5,000 copies of the paper among the roughly 300,000 in attendance that day. The first year saw just 5 issues go to press; most for special events like the anti-war rally and the September 11 anniversary commemoration.

Next year we will publish monthly, for our growing list of subscribers and to distribute, free of charge, in honor boxes all over Washington, DC. To all the loyal readers, subscribers, contributors, writers, artists and friends whose efforts make this paper possible; Thank you. - editor

The January 2008 Issue. (1.5Mb file)

International Regulation of Dietary Supplements Looms

Over 100,000 Americans die every year from adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Contrast this with 10 deaths in 20 years due to adverse reactions of vitamins.

We, of course, have governmental and world agencies to help protect us from such tragedies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services nd is responsible for the safety regulation of most types of foods, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, biological medical products, blood products, medical devices, radiation-emitting devices, veterinary products, and cosmetics.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, (Codex Alimentarius is Latin for "Food Code" ) based in Rome, Italy, and created in 1963, is an international organization jointly run by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations.
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Sutliff Cartoon

Plane Used by CIA for Rendition Flights
Crashes in Yucatan Filled with Cocaine

On the evening of Sept 24, 2007, a private Gulfstream jet filled with cocaine crashed in Yucatan Mexico. No bodies were discovered at the crash site, but over a hundred military style duffle bags containing several tons of cocaine were pulled from the wreckage. This particular aircraft, N987SA, has a long history of being used by the CIA for Special Rendition flights. It has logged thousands of miles between DC, Connecticut and Guantanimo Bay and to suspected "black sites" in Europe.

Was the plane still being used by the CIA when it crashed? (continue reading)

Plane Used by CIA for Rendition Flights
Crashes in Yucatan Filled with Cocaine

On the evening of Sept 24, 2007, a private Gulfstream jet filled with cocaine crashed in Yucatan Mexico. No bodies were discovered at the crash site, but over a hundred military style duffle bags containing several tons of cocaine were pulled from the wreckage. This particular aircraft, N987SA, has a long history of being used by the CIA for Special Rendition flights. It has logged thousands of miles between DC, Connecticut and Guantanimo Bay and to suspected "black sites" in Europe.

Was the plane still being used by the CIA when it crashed? (continue reading)

Is Waterboarding Torture?

New AG Mukasey Avoids Torture Question

Michael Mukasey could be considered one of the co-founders of the modern era of terrorism. He served as the Judge (Chertoff was the D.A.) on the 1993 WCT bombing case. In that case Mukasey prevented the defense from gaining access to a key government witness, Ali Mohammed, an army Special Forces trained FBI operative who was a key figure in the operation. It was another FBI confidential informer and prosecution witness, Emad Salem, tapes reveal, who actually supplied both the bomb materials and bomb making expertise for the operation. It is no exaggeration to say that the 1993 bombing was largely an FBI run operation.

To protect the government case, and send a chilling message to the civil rights community, prosecutors had the lead defense attorney, Lynn Stewart, arrested and charged with terrorism for making public statements about the case.

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War Costing $720 Million Each Day

The occupation in Iraq is costing $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute. That figure is based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz and Harvard public finance lecturer Linda J. Bilmes published in the Milken Institute Review. They estimate the cost of the Iraq war to date at $2.2 Trillion and climbing.

The $720 million per day figure includes $280 million of expenses already funded by Congress, plus $440 million daily in incurred, but unpaid, long-term costs, such as the continued medical care of injured soldiers. The figure does not include “macro-economic consequences” described by Bilmes and Stiglitz, including higher oil prices, loss of trade because of anti-American sentiments and lost productivity of killed or injured U.S. soldiers.

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Portland Residents Nervous about Nuclear Drill

A 9/11-style military exercise scheduled for August 20-24 has Portland residents on alert for false-flag attack. The joint military - Homeland Security exercise will simulate the effects of a 10 Kiloton nuclear device detonated near downtown Portland. While the military assures residents that this is a table-top simulation only, Oregonians are understandably nervous because of the possibility that the military drill may be used as a cover for false-flag operations.

And there is good reason to be nervous. There were over a dozen documented "Military Exercises" on the East Coast before and during the attacks of 9/11 in 2001. In London, on the day of the 7/7/2005 bombings, a state-linked private security firm was conducting a "table-top" exercise involving the very trains and stations attacked.

Citizen outcry may have contributed to the cancellation of a similar drill in 2005. Sudden Response 05, which was to simulate a 10 kiloton nuclear detonation in Charleston harbor, was canceled when the people of Charleston rang the alarm. Resistance within the military may have played a roll as well. Contemporaneous with the canceled exercise, a four-star General in command of the Army training in Charleston, Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes, was relieved of command for no believable reason.

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Freedom of Speech?

Issue 4 is on the street.

The Creek Issue 4. (5.7Mb file)



Dick Cheney
"The greatest threat now is "a 9/11 occurring with a group of terrorists armed not with airline tickets and box cutters, but with a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities." -- Dick Cheney on Face the Nation, CBS, April 15, 2007

Dick Cheney sees a nuclear weapon, DHS Director Chertoff has a gut feeling, Z-Big Brzezinski has already warned us; the Cheney faction, the "new crazies", needs another false-flag attack to "bolster western resolve" for continuing and expanding the adventure in the Middle East.

Webster Tarpley, in this important and wide-ranging article, gives us all fair warning what the Cheney Faction have in store for America; False-flag attack, conflict in Iran, dollar hyperinflation, and catastrophic military defeat.

Read Webster Tarpley's complete article here.

Read all of the new articles in the latest issue of the "Creek" here: Read Articles

US Social Forum Adopts Impeachment, 9/11Truth Resolutions

US Social Forum, 2007
The Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia was attended by over 10,000 social activists and groups from all over the US and the Americas. Representing diverse causes they all had one thing in common, their desire to re-make the US into a better country; or in the words of this year's motto; "Another World is possible, Another US is necessary". To that end, two significant resolutions were passed at the concluding plenary session on Sunday July 1, 2007, calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and calling for the investigation of the events of 9/11/2001.

Read the US Social Forum Resolution calling for the impeachment, conviction and removal from office of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.


Cindy Sheehan calls for Emergency Peace Convention in Philadelphia July 4


Peace activists from across the region will gather in Philadelphia for an emergency conference to plan strategy in wake of Democratic capitulation to expanded war in Iraq.

Listen to announcement calling for Philadelphia gathering (MP3)

Click here for more information.

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HPV Vaccine: Promise or Peril?  By Elaine Sullivan

How Bush Backers Stole the 2004 Election  By Sherwood Ross

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BBC Predicts WTC7 Collapse on 9/11
Live shot behind Jane Standley clearly shows WTC7 standing tall as she reports it's recent collapse; 23 minutes too soon!

The head of the BBC News Division only makes matters worse with his pathetic reply. Incredible story makes huge waves on the internet. Video clips have been viewed on YouTube and Google Video over a million times in 48hr. European media picks up story, makes headlines. In US media, silence.

If you ever needed proof of the extent of media control in the U.S. this is it.
Read more about it here.

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The Creek Newspaper
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The inaugural issue of "the Creek" is ready just in time for the big march on Washington next weekend (Jan 27). The Creek will be there handing out thousands of copies of the paper to peace activists from around the country.

In this issue you will read articles from some of the most significant writers in the peace and 911truth movements. Wayne Madsen and Webster G. Tarpley write about 9/11. Cynthia McKinney gives us her argument for impeachment. Louis Wolf, former editor of Covert Action Quarterly, addresses the looming conflict with Iran while Khalid Rosenbaum writes about the dawning of a new superstate in the mid-east.

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